About Wanda

Many of the parent child relationships of today lack intimacy, unconditional love, and deep respect for one another. What is happening is heartbreaking and generationally breaking down society.


Despite a painful childhood anyone with a strong will, determination and a little help can break free of the turmoil it leaves in its wake. Convinced everyone can raise a happy modern family, as a single parent or not, Wanda is on a personal mission to make others understand the life you build is a choice.  Your home, your family, your income it all comes from choices. Both from the ones we make and the ones we don't; because not taking action to change something that too is a choice.  You cannot change what you don't first accept!


It was in her own long arduous healing she realized that it all starts within and that you must love yourself first... by living deeply embedded in your own life's path.

Currently, she resides in New Jersey, U.S.A with her two daughters and their super-hyper little Dachshund named Salem!