So excited... this IS the cover of my new e-book coming out end of 2019!!!

The original artwork “I am” was created over a year ago in the lowest depths of my own self-discovery…


It was only when I allowed all my pain and suffering to open me raw that I realized who I was.  With my soul on its knees I knew the only way was to rise up. In accepting the duality of my nature (sometimes Moon, sometimes Sun and always both) I learned to see myself whole again. "I am" captured the beauty of my own pain in an ambiguity that is relatable to so many. I need to share the comfort and strength it has given me with someone else now.


I am, has graced the walls of my bedroom, my living room and most recently my altar… I'm infusing this beautiful artwork with the love, abundance, protection and unity that flows in my home and heart before sending it out to yours.  So that when you look at it you too feel what I have felt:


Let it change you

Let it heal you

Let it build you


Art just like music is understood regardless of language.  So I painted what my words could not say, and it is lyrical!

Rules and Participation

This special artwork is near & dear to my heart, this invitation will be open for 3,000 participants only - don’t delay!


To be considered you must do the following by December 6th, 2019:

1.      Follow me on Instagram @thisgirl_wanda; tag 10 people you know personally on my IG post related to this drawing

2.      Purchase e-book “I am” artwork $29.99 via my website

3.      Last but not least watch my YouTube video; smash that LIKE button, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE with at least two people

          you know personally, and leave a quick comment


With your entry you will receive:

1.      Copy of my e-book when it launches

2.      A chance to own the “I am” original canvas artwork

3.      Lifetime membership to "My Tribe" social network launching January 2020

4.      One personal thank you video

Winner to be announced on Monday, December 9, 2019